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Gary Swindell

He seguido bastante el trabajo de Gary desde hace ya bastante tiempo y lo considero un muy buen artista visual tanto en el ambito plástico como en el de diseño y creo que recomendarlo es necesario.

I’ve followed Gary’s job for quite awhile now and I consider him as a great visual artist; in graphic design as well as in a more artistic approach and I believe that his work should be recommended.


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A summery illustration based on the mermaids of Cornish folklore.

For more, visit or


when ur friend makes great art


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Axel Void paints “Nobody” on the streets of Newark, USA

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Glitch Witch by Ryan Faherty

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AEC from Interesni Kazki creates “Lighthouse” For We Aart In Aalborg, Denmark

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Primera comisión religiosa… Jesucristo Vengador (boceto)… Le falta pulir detalles pero no va quedando tan mal como me imaginé que quedaría.


First religious commision… Avenger Jesus (Sketch)… I still need to polish a lot of the details but it looks better than I thought.

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Weir Beauty

Maquillaje /Makeup :Valeriya Kutsan
Fotografía/ Photo: Alexander Khokhlov / Veronica Ershova

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#funny #Mexicans (Taken with Instagram)

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Y hablando de graffitti e intervenciones; aprovecho para hablar de Vermibus. Nacido en Mallorca, España; se ha dedicado desde hace un tiempo a recuperar los espacios publicitarios y atacarlos con disolvente para así transformarlos en espacios culturales a la vista de la gente. Muy buen trabajo y ampliamente recomendado.


And speaking of graffitti and intervention, I would like to speak about Vermibus. Born in Mallorca, Spain; this street artist has taken the mission to recover commercial and publicity spaces such as billboards and posters and attack them with thinner in order to transform them into cultural and artistic pieces for the common folk to view.

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In 2009, an art project called “Board Dripper" was founded in Queretaro, Mexico with the goal to bring together some of the best artists to promote and merge the street and skate culture, graffiti and the importance of art as a social communication tool. Since the first edition was very successful locally, the organizers turned it into a yearly event that would evolve each year. In 2012, as the festival was getting bigger and reaching a wider audience, Board Dripped started to invite artists from outside of Queretaro itself, this brought new pieces from Smith, Kofie or Dhear. In 2013, Board Dripper delved into the international scene with the appearance of artists such as Alexis Diaz, Jufe, Jade, JAZ…

This year’s working title has been “Nomada”. The festival starts on September 8th and amongsr the participants we find ROA, Axel Void, Decertor, Ever, to name a few.

Ya estamos en pleno Board Dripper 2014 desde ayer 8 de Septiembre hasta el 19 de septiembre y para hacer crecer las espectativas unas fotos del año pasado. Y pues a ver como queda la ciudad después de esta intervemción.

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Or scratches my back.

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Illustrations by Olivia Knapp

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A favourite quote of mine

Story of my life sometimes

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